The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 13 December 1986

Inbetween Days

‘Kick In the Eye’ – Bauhaus

Life’s dead odd, innit?

This morning, I was just thinking of Flash, when suddenly a letter from him arrived.  Life is bad with him.  He finished with Dodo to be with Manda, and then got back with her.  Now he’s just friends with Manda.  And his parents, Gerry and Gerald, have split up.  His mum was so upset she attempted suicide the other day.  It’s awful.  I’m thinking of him.  I hope he’s okay.  He seems chirpy enough, though.  It seems the radio show offer is still on, and Manda + her friend Heidi want to meet me.  I think he wants to see me.  He could do with the company, and if I go up, I might go to a ‘do’ with him.

I’ll have to ring him soon.

I’ll have to ring Jarvis, too, and apologise for not meeting him in town today.  That’s cos my parents went to Milton Keynes and I had to walk to shitty Wisbech, which means I was late and missed him.

Speculation:  It’s amazing how much you don’t expect to happen to you.  If anyone had told me, this time last year, that right now I’d be into Jen and College ‘n’ all the Alison stuff and The Mission and David Bowie, I’d’ve gobbed ‘em one!

God.  It’s about 8pm.  Worratoss!

And so, my first holiday from Tech begins.  I bet it’ll be shaight!

The dye in my hair’s coming out and it’s not quite so red any more.


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