The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 20 December 1986

The Big Hard One

I am at Flash’s.  Good, eh? 

I suppose you’re all wondering what’s happening, aren’t you?  Well, I’ll tell thee.


Oh well.  I arrived at Flash’s at about 5.30pm, and we played each other our respective Situation recordings and swopped Chreestmas presents.  He bought/gave me an absolutely brilliant book for Christmas called The Big Hard One, which is the ‘best of’ Viz Comic.  This is an ‘annual’ edition of strips from the v. underground, q. Situation/bastard-style adult comik!  It’s so fucking ace!

I gave him all his presents.  He was rather chuffed.  I think…

Later on, Elliot ‘Elbow’ Barlow phoned and he abused me and I abused him, and then I apologised and took it all back, but he didn’t care cos he’s a twat!  AAARDOO!

At about 7.30pm, Flash and I were picked up by Tatty Watter, who took us to a Park High School Party at a house in Castleford, hosted by a mate of Flash’s called Gail Michaels.  Flash and I were q. moody and got pissed v. quickly at what proved to be a rather uneventful party.

Halfway thru, Flash and I decided to visit Make-Up at his mum’s pub, but when we reached it we decided to turn around + go back to the party!

In the second half, Flash attempted to ‘get off’ with Leanne Webber, and failed!  I started talking to a girl called Kate, who I think fancied me.  Did I fancy her?!  I’m not sure.  I didn’t ‘go’ with anybody, tho’, so there.

By the way, I forgot to mention that I accidentally broke a glass light-shade with my head; totally fucked Nodrog’s tape recorder; and covered him in Cherryade (he got me back, though; with Cider).

I feel great, cos I’ve met Chris Winford and all the other mates of Flash’s that I’ve heard of and listened to on Situation tapes that I wasn’t involved in.

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NEXT TIME: ‘Wasterd Head…’

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