The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 9 December 1986

Earl Grey Tea

‘French Kissin' in the USA’ – Debbie Harry

We were still on the journey home from Stratford during the early hours of today!

As a few of our merry crew were finally dropped off at Tech, Alison, Heidi, Liz, Jarvis, Nanette (all 2nd Years), Jazz and I ventured down to Wanda’s where we were all to stay the… er… morning?  Once inside, we all chatted in the sitting room and drank Earl Grey tea, which is beautiful!  As time went on, the girls went to bed downstairs (apart from Alison and Wanda who were in Wanda’s room), and Jarvis, Jazz and I set ourselves up in another bedroom.

A bit later, I decided to go and chat with Alison and Wanda in their room.  They were happy to see me and we all snuggled up and chatted about stuff.  We talked about the ‘sense of doom’ floating around Stan Lampwick, and about Jazz Thompson, who told Alison he loved her earlier on!  She can’t stand him. 

Eventually, I ended up sleeping on Wanda’s bed.  Not inside it with her, don’t worry!  No scandal (even tho’ no boy has ever been allowed in her bedroom before!).  I think she’s really sweet, though.

Wanda and I got up at about 9am.  Only 4 hours sleep!  Gawd!  Pretty soon, all the others were up, and at about 12pm, Alison, Wanda, Jazz, Jarvis + I went into King’s Lynn, while the others went back to Tech.

In King’s Lynn, Alison was shocked when we bumped into Daryl, her ex-ex-boyfriend.  He tagged along with us for the afternoon, to Alison’s dismay.

When I got home, Jen rang and told me it would be okay for me to sleep at her house tomorrow nite after the Christmas Disco at Tech.  Hooray!

Tonight, I went out to the pub with my parents.  But after a few pints, I became upset about the bridge that needs to be built between me and Betty.  There is a total lack of communication between us now, nothing like the relationship we used to share.  Why?!  Why?! 

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