The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 8 December 1986

Fair Maid of the West, by the RSC

Today was Stratford-upon-Avon day!  As in ‘Ver Trippe to Stratforde’!

I had one lesson all day and that was shaight Political History, which I don’t think I despise as much as I used to…

Jen gave me a Christmas card, and I went into town and bought her one.  We were very ‘close’ today, very intimate; lots of touching and kissing and laughing.  Of course, things could have been different.  When we went for tea in Kingsburger, she told me that she had been a virgin until last week, when she lost her virginity to Ian.  Oh well.  I guessed right!  Bang goes Paradise Lane 

We set off for Stratford at about 2.45pm, and I tape recorded the event.  On the bus, Jen and I became especially closer, as we covered her lap with her coat and I caressed her legs and inner thighs.  I was so turned on, and I think she was, too.  And we really didn’t care if people noticed!  I am so into her and it’s weird, because since she got back with Ian, we’ve been like a proper couple.  What I mean is, things have been even better than they were before.

The play (Fair Maid of the West) was okay.  In fact, I quite enjoyed it.  It featured a few famous people.  Pete Postlethwaite was good, and Jazz was thrilled to see that it (apparently) featured the bloke out of the Kentucky Fried Chicken adverts.

Why is Jen so beautiful?

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