The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 29 December 1986

The Dodo Thing

‘When I’m Five’ – David Bowie

I rang Flash this morning and decided to pop down his.  He was quite surprised!  But wouldn’t you be if I’d just popped down yours?  When I arrived, he was all set for him and me to go and visit Dodo, his girlfriend.  He cottoned on pretty quickly that I wasn’t my usual self.  I was still feeling rather depressed, but he took me out of it somewhat…

We met Dodo in town, with her 13-year-old cousin Matthew, who is okay, considering his age.  Dodo is quite attractive.  She is a spiky-headed Goth who looks great in her tight black, pointy stuff.  I like her very much.  She’s a lot better than Manda Jones, and if her feelings are in the same place as Flash’s, then they should both think themselves lucky to be in a beautiful relationship that looks as though it could really blossom in the future.

We all visited my Aunty Vi, so that I could thank her for my Christmas present: a pair of CRIMPERS!  We then proceeded to go to Wakefield, where I suppose I stupidly squandered some of my money on records, i.e:

A limited edition 12-inch of The Mission’s ‘Garden of Delight’, which was also autographed by the band!

A ‘not for sale’ 12-inch ‘white label’ of The Mission’s ‘Stay with Me’ (which was also autographed).

A 7-inch of two of David Bowie’s versions of ‘John, I’m Only Dancing’.

Well, at least it made me happy.

A lot of the time, I felt like a right gooseberry when Flash + Dodo were kissing and stuff…

Later on, we dossed in a graveyard, which wasn’t very amahzing as graveyards go, but it felt nice.

By the way, we also went to see BIRDY and find out how he’s getting on.  On the dole… 

Back at Flash’s, Flash made me feel very uncomfortable when he sincerely asked me, ‘How can I get to be as great and together as you?’, or words to that effect.  Obviously, I was flattered, but…

He was pleased, y’see, that I had got on so well with Dodo and she with me.  Apparently, she thinks I’m a ‘right laugh’ and that I ‘looked cool’ in the graveyard.  Flash also thought I looked good today.

All this made me realise how ‘forward’ I am.  In spite of my insecurities, in certain situations I must really (subconsciously) take it for granted that people are going to like me, so I take ‘liberties’ with them.  No, not ‘liberties’, but I just assume they’re going to be okay and treat them as such.  Unless, of course, I don’t!  Ha-ha!

Later, we had our first real heart-to-heart since 1985.  We discussed the day, and as we thought about it, I realised I must fancy Dodo in some sort of way and that, subconsciously, I was trying to impress her.  Is that because I do fancy her, or because she’s Flash’s girlfriend?  I don’t know.  Maybe I just want to come across as impressive.  Just to girls, or to everyone?  Who knows!  Flash felt a bit sort of jealous, but not jealous if you know what I mean?  He even put it down to me being there that he saw her for as long as he did… 

Maybe I was over-affectionate?  I know I can be.  But I hope I didn’t go too far.  I’d hate to ruin their relationship, and what I’ve got with Flash: the best friendship ever!

Anyway, I seem to have made a good impression on Dodo.  I’m glad.

Flash said he always sees me as single, even though he’s heard about all my adventures with BMW and Alison and Jen and so on.  This is because he’s never actually seen me with a girlfriend.  He also said he sees me as forever young, like I’ll die before I get too old.  And he dreads it, and doesn’t want it and…

I’m probably blowing it all out of proportion, y’know…

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