The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 3 November 1986


‘Communist China’ – Japan

Today at Tech, the Student’s Union (of which I am a member) went on strike – and it was televised by BBC and YTV (I appeared on TV tonite quite briefly as part of the marching, chanting crowd)! 

Stan Flowers got me pissed on Vodka, and I carried a banner with an overweight, full-lipped, dark-eyed peroxide blonde called Sandra – and god, I really wanted to fuck her.

Later, I went to The Videodome with Libby who works there (the one who lent me the Lipstick Vogue tape), and did my washing-up shift.  I saw Nyall and he said he’d lend me some more records.  I then went to Tony Pope’s lodgings with Alison and got even more pissed on wine + cider.  Then we went home.

Right now, I’m in my bed writing this all up and listening to Japan.  Apparently Flash rang last night and said he needs to speak to me URGENTLY, so I’ll have to ring him soon…


‘New Thing from London Town’ – Sharpe & Numan

I have just rung Flash and I DON’T BELIEVE iT!

Elliott Barlow, Flash’s (+ my?) friend, lent his teacher (who is American) some Situation tapes, and that teacher has gotten Flash + Elbow a half hour slot on Radio Leeds as The Situation, doing sketches!  They’ve also been asked to write an OXFAM advert for local radio!

When will the 1980 Kicks Show conclude its bitter torment?

[‘ever read a pervert’s diary?’ THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

‘philthy!’ THE SUN

‘I wouldn’t fucking dare be Ritcherd’ THE GROOMSTOOL S-EXPRESS

‘In The Heat of the Morning’ – David Bowie

Berwin Groomstool, in his usual hat, but grinning with a full mouth of teeth and the utter thrill of having mutated his body into something resembling a giant chicken, but with poisonous spines along its legs, ladies’ boobs, and a winged penis, bulbous like a really good spring onion and squirting three varieties of gloopy semen from a trio of solid, egg-like testicles…


- Ritcherd 1988]

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NEXT TIME: ‘Jenny…’

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