The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 25 May 1986

Dossing Abart

‘Get Back’ – The Beatles

I was still at my Gran’s today.  Flash came down and we completed the Wetlands Chronicles cassette.  We also exchanged our latest Situation products, i.e.: The Psychotic Pineapple EP and the half-completed Now That’s What I Call Crippy.  Afterwards, we just generally dossed abart! 

Eventually, my parents picked me up.  We set off home with our Jeff (my cousin), who’s staying with us for two weeks, which I’m not too keen about.  He met Keir tonight and he fancies her!  See?  It’s not just me.

A worried face, lit from the side.  His eyes are terrified…

Something Bill Nelson might copy from Jean Cocteau or Picasso…

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NEXT TIME: ‘Chores…’

Big love to Waen Shepherd

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  1. Anonymous03:02:00

    "See? It’s not just me."

    Yeah me too...