The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 20 January 1986

Parents' Evening

‘Catholic Day’ – Adam & the Ants


My Parents’ Evening tonight! Betty and Freddie saw Mrs Montgomery, who reckons I should do Drama A-Level and work towards applying for RADA! They also saw the new headmaster, Mr Burleigh and Mr Dixon (“Games”), but apparently everybody’s pretty chuffed wiv me!

In other news, Flash’s cats have pissed on his Man From Del Monte record and he’s apologised to me for making a verbal attack on the Situation tape Nuclear Campaign Against Ritcherd. His favourite tipple is Sherry & Lemonade. Once, on a visit to the Yorkshire Show, he fought the overwhelming urge to kick a bull in the testicles. He (probably) fancies Astra Trellis.

The Return Of…

Pick ‘n’ Mix:

‘America’ by Prince, London, phone calls, The New Pervy Play, Anti-Nowhere League, ‘Constipated Llama at Sunset’ by Nancy Nagasakiyoko, Syd Barrett, Conservative government, pink knickers, Blackpool, Mister Evil, Germany, Arthur Prewitt, Visage, piglets, Chequers Close, vandalism, Boy George, Bach, Madonna’s mouth and chin, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Agatha Batley, The Situation’s 1985 Booty Bag, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Iraq, Johnny Dickens, The Supergrass soundtrack LP, Mr Twurly, 3-2-1, The Angel Gabriel, large breasts, Pontefract & Castleford Express, Moira Blackthorne, Artists United Against Apartheid, phlegm-curdling, Arthur Scargill, Yorkshire/Botswana Towde Records, Top Of The Pops, Uncle Poohbag, The Stranglers, cancer, Astra Trellis, caffeine, Elliot ‘Elbow’ Barlow, cocaine, The Bible, the SDP/Liberal Alliance, Sgt Love & Constable Rizla, Oxford, censorship, Neil Tennant, topless brunettes, Toshiba, Bill Nelson…

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