The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 25 January 1986

Night On The Town

‘In The Shadows’ – The Stranglers

Night on the town, eh, lads?!

Oh! First off today, BMW walked out on her parents over her exam results! Her mum rang me wondering where she might be and was she at ours. I couldn’t help because I had to go to Norfolk College of Arts and Technology in King’s Lynn to see about an application (I hope to end up there this autumn).

They found Miranda later. She hadn’t gone far, but she rang to tell me she couldn’t come out tonite, which was a shame.

[I wanted to be with you alone – Ritcherd, June 1988 xxx]

Driving home from King’s Lynn, we picked Legs up at Walpole. He and I went into Wisbech, where we found Dave who more or less told us he couldn’t make it out tonight. When Jazz joined us, we came back to our house. I bathed while they read my comix.

Flash rang. He wants to stay down here in the hols.

Back in Wisbech, Joey joined us and we grabbed some booze from our usual Off Licence, BLACKFRIARS. Yes … we got totally and utterly pissed. Round by Jayne’s. I got Jazz to ask if she was in, but she wasn’t! Ach!

Later on, god knows where – possibly near the Smedley ’s factory – we played a truth game and discovered that we’d all be bisexual if it was trendy and AIDS didn’t exist.

Good laugh, today.

My No.1: ‘The Sun Always Shines on TV’ A-ha

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