The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 18 January 1986

Lost-Again Virginity

‘When Your Dream of Perfect Beauty Comes True’ – Bill Nelson

A great day!

Tonight, Cheggers, Joey, Human Beatbox, Jazz, Miranda (BMW), Noreen and I went to a private Fire Station Disco (to which we’d all been invited), but it was SHIT, so we went round town drinking cider from The Blackfriars’ Off Licence and getting pissed.

Even though it was raining, BMW and I went elsewhere for own dirty deeds.

She looked great in her purple outfit and her trilby. Her skirt was short and her legs looked great in dark tights. I also like her in heels.

We went to the park and agreed that this was The Right Time.

We kissed and played with each other, until finally she peeled her tights down and straddled me as I sat on a bench against a huge, sheltering tree. It was very hard and tight, and she was often in pain but we finally had sex. BMW lost her virginity to me, and I lost mine – properly – for the first time as a teenager.

BMW cried, and I held her. We kissed and talked and it was great.

We teamed up with the others afterwards, and it was a good laugh.

We intend repeating this acker situation next week…

hullo, freaks!

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