The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 8 January 1986

Jack Returns

'The Art Of Parties' - Japan

My diary for this time last year says:

‘It is the first day back at school and Dave is arguing with Joey on the snow and ice. They push and thrust like infants until Dave falls over and bangs his head on concrete and ice. There is no blood, only bony numbness and a trip to hospital...'

Dave actually had temporary amnesia when he did that.

[“BiG fecKin’ Deal!!” said Berwin 1988]

Today, my brother Jack left Nostall and ‘returned’ to live with us at Blackberry Narrow as he didn’t like it at his dad’s.


Two eyeballs looking to the right (page left?)!


[coming soon: “shit” ]

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