The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 7 January 1986

The Girl I Should Never Have Lost?

'Jump The Broomstick’ – Coast To Coast

Britain’s Number One is finally ‘West End Girls’ by the Pet Shop Boys.

The first day back at school. I think I only survived it because I saw Astra Trellis. We talked about how we feel for one another – which is a deep respect, I think. We also talked about our values and ideals.

The best thing about today was catching the bus. I was forced to catch it from Wisbech Bus Station at about 8.15am, as I was a little late in getting ready. Once at the Station, I discovered that over Christmas the timetable had been changed – and the next bus was due to arrive at 10.25am (you see, the bus service around here is shit!). So, I bravely decided to wait it out.

And today, during that wait, I saw HER! The most beautiful girl in the world (excepting BMW). My old flame from 1985 – the best of the girls I ever loved that I should never have lost: Jayne Amelia tyler

… this, of course, made my day! But that was it. I said hello and she replied in the same way. But it was enough for me! She is gorgeous. Why did we have to finish?! Why? Funny, y’know, I remember when she finished with me, I cried like bugger! I told myself, ‘She can’t finish with me!’ I was trying to convince myself that it was like a divorce, and that I had to agree with her finishing, which I didn’t… But then it finished. I’d love to talk to her again – more than a hello – but I daren’t.

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