The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 23 January 1986

About Me...

‘She’s In Parties’ – Bauhaus


I wear pyjamas. I hate briefs because they’re too tight. I’d like to use a video camera. 1985 was a good year. My best friend is Flash, although I doubt he feels that way about me. I’d like a new stereo. I want to be an actor. This year’s big plans: do my O-levels, have a big holiday and go to college (I’m not sure I’ll pass my exams, though). I feel a growing rift between myself and my new parental unit (Betty and Freddie have been less fun since Jack moved back). My first word of 1986 was ‘widgy’. Which is a shame, because I had hoped it would be ‘poohbag’. I’m hyperactive and noisy. I get very drunk on lager. I like sausage rolls. I don’t take sugar in my hot drinks. I love Beatrice Miranda Wasp, but I’m also oddly obsessed with Jayne Amelia Tyler. I think Astra Trellis is one of the best friends I’ve ever made. I fancy Sadie Wolf and Nicky Brown – a lot (so much it makes my groin ache just to think of them). I am allowed to swear at home – FUCK. I’m going for a wee-wee.

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