The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 13 December 1985

The Welfare Inspector

‘The Taste Of Your Tears’ – King

Ach! The 13th! Doom and despair falls upon us all!

Ach! Today, the Welfare Inspector questioned me as to why I was not at school this week – so I told her! Fascist!

That’s about it.

I’m suffering from more pain and it hurts a lot!


This time 11 years ago:
‘I got Planet Of The Apes Weekly 8.’

This time 10 years ago:

‘I watched Doctor Who: The Android Invasion (Part Four).

[It probably seems a little odd to have listed these episodes of Doctor Who so methodically, but having them listed like this acts as the only vaguely reliable diary of what I was doing and when at this age. I saw all of these episodes at Rossington, and as my understanding grew and the imagery became more frightening, I found myself watching alongside Paul and my Mum. In fact, I used to sit behind my Mum, brushing her hair as a means of finding something comforting to do. In some ways, it was the best of times, quality time, during that difficult early period. I guess the whole ritual came to represent security and stability, in spite of the fact that assorted Zygons, Daleks, Davros and Anti-Matter Monsters were frightening the life out of me – Ritcherd, 1998]

This time 6 years ago:
‘I got Doctor Who Weekly 10.’

This time 5 years ago:
‘I watched Doctor Who: State Of Decay (Part Four).

This time last year:
‘Today was Speak Out day. I got to school and spent some time with Mandy. I did the debate quite well and got 9 ½ out of 10. Our House won – Churchill, that is, with 109½ points!’

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