The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 1 December 1985

Things Are Looking Up

‘Living On The Ceiling’ – Blancmange

Pausing only to watch a boy on the sofa with more or less his arm up a girl’s skirt and knickers, Dave left the party at midnight. As the other guests slowly disappeared, BMW and I found a place on the settee, where it was my turn to get my hand up her skirt! Things are looking up – especially my ‘old man’…

Later, BMW, Phoebe and I tidied up a bit, still drinking punch.

Mum picked up Cheggers, Jazz and Human Beatbox and took them to the TSB, where Human Beatbox’s mum was going to pick them all up. I stayed behind to be romantic with BMW, and found out that Phoebe fancies Cheggers.

By the way, one of the boys that BMW went with – Reece Manning (whose dad owns the cinema, amongst other things) – was at the party. And I, being a big softy, got chatting to him. He was nice (if a bit square) and I think we’re good friends now. It was a one-off, and who could blame BMW, really? I haven’t been very ‘available’, have I?

As I finally left, I told BMW I love her. And I do.


Home to bed.


November has gone. And so on to December 1985. What lies in store for me this month? Excitement? Adventure? Really wild things?

Now that this party business is over, I love BMW very much.

‘Is It A Dream?’ – The Damned

And so here we are! The last month to be included in the annals of my 1985 diary.

I visited BMW this afternoon. Turns out that Jazz had left his jumper behind. BMW’s mum was absolutely disgusted with the mess. What does she expect from mature near-adults?

I have been invited to another party! BMW’s friend Katherine is holding (or throwing) a party on Saturday! Acker!

BMW’s best friend, Phoebe, is in love (or so we reckon) with Cheggers. She wants to ‘go’ with him at Katherine’s party. Mmmmmm? Possibilities!

On loan, I left BMW the records I had originally brought for the party.

The rest of the day – here at Blackberry Narrow – was the usual sort of Sunday crap…

‘Lost Weekend’ – Lloyd Cole

By the way, do you remember that early on in the year, I mentioned the Ro-Busters book that my Gran Winterfood had supposedly ordered me, and the fact that it hadn’t arrived? Well, it’s been nearly a year and it still hasn’t arrived!

I’m starting to think she never really ordered it… Hard shit, Ritch.

Oh, well! That’s life!

Oh, sod that!


This time 6 years ago:
‘A new Doctor Who story. Nightmare Of Eden (Part One).

This time 4 years ago:

'Watched Doctor Who: Logopolis (Part Two). Brilliant as usual.’

This time 2 years ago:
‘I watched Johnny Jarvis, episode four (1980-1981). Brilliant.’

This time last year:
‘Got this week’s UK Spider-Man comic and, as hoped, I went into Wisbech. I bought some 2000ADs (394 and 395)…

…and met Stu. We saw the Christ For Kids bus in the market place and spent an afternoon with them. They were a great bunch. Afterwards, we went around with Mandy and her sister, Debbie. In the park, Stu ended up kissing Debbie, but it was obviously a mistake. She didn’t enjoy it and got upset! I had tea at Stu’s house, and afterwards we went to a Christian Youth Rally.’

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