The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 3 December 1985


‘Who’ll Stop the Rain?’ – Heaven 17



School was shite today. Yes. ‘Shit’ with an ‘e’ on the end!
Gasp! etc, etc, etc (a scrillion times).

Life is not so bonzer, it is crook. With a limp.

Tonight, I am wearing my grey and black striped shirt and my black and red paisley patterned 1960s paisley tie.

This time last year I thought I would actually be able to ring British Marvel Comics, and ended up talking to a cleaning lady! What a shitty, titty 14 year old, eh? 1984!

Did I ever tell you that (bobble-nosed and big-lipped) Flash has a book called The Book Of Boobs? Or that I thought Russ Abbott wrote 'Ging Gang Gooley' (or whatever it's called)?

Pick ‘n’ Mix:
Girls On Top, EastEnders, skiving school, Margaret Thatcher, Bauhaus, CND, AIDS, feminism, The Damned, Dempsey and Makepeace, the price of semolina these days, Sex Pistols, ABC, Whistle Test, Elbow, Nik Kershaw, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cult, a female Doctor Who, Robin Of Sherwood, The Beatles, Glenn Miller’s ‘In The Mood’, soggy nobs, Hank Wangford, Japan, Jennifer Saunders, Michael Grade.

On to tomorrow, chiddies…


This time 8 years ago:
‘I watched Doctor Who: The Sun Makers (Part Two).

This time 4 years ago:
‘Watched Doctor Who: Logopolis (Part Four)…

…It was great to see the regeneration again.’

This time last year:
‘Two Tribes’ – Frankie Goes To Hollywood

‘Went to school. Not bad if you like that sort of thing. I was asked to do an anti-vivisection speech for the forthcoming SPEAK OUT. I accepted. Tonight, I rang Marvel Comics in London, only to get in touch with a cleaning lady.’

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