The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 4 December 1985

Sexual Encounters with Miranda

‘Give Peace A Chance’ – John Lennon

Hello, Flash!

It’s a year since I saw my first Blue Movie. What a shit-head! Porno films were a big thing then! Hah! I now think they are quite shit and infantile.

Tonight, BMW’s school – the very poshe Wisbech Grammar School – presented a play (THE TEMPEST) for public viewing betwixt the hours of six and nine. Whuff! BMW and Phoebe were doing the make-up. I was invited along to tag along. Whilst there, I gave Phoebe a love letter which Cheggers had written her during Maths!

At about 7pm, after the appliance of make-up, BMW and I went out into the darkness and ventured to the top of the school field. Sitting on my US army jacket (with ‘No War’ and an Anarchy symbol on the back) and under her coat, we sheltered from the cold and ate some yoghurts that she’d brought along.

‘The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight’ – Dominatrix

In total darkness we chatted about our relationship and did a lot of great kissing. She told me that one day she’d like me to sexually overpower her. I suggested it could happen tonight. She suggested not, because it was muddy and she had her best clothes on. She’s into sadism and as we kissed she continually dug her long nails into my chest, and pulled them down into the flesh, scratching and cutting me – which I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed, so I must be a bit of a masochist now!

This developed into our first sexual encounter. I kissed and nibbled her ears, and moved down her neck, loosening her shirt. I worked my way down to her beautiful breasts, which I nibbled and sucked. I even got some further use out of the abandoned yoghurt. She undid my jeans and masturbated me. I undid hers and put my hand into her knickers and masturbated her. Unfortunately, because she’s a virgin, it hurt her a little. I tried to be gentle, but it was still painful, so she has decided we need to have intercourse soon.

One of the better days of the year!


This time 2 years ago:

‘I helped in the pub, cleaning glasses, wiping tables and emptying ashtrays. It was boring. I hate the miserable customers. Especially when they say ‘Cheer up, it might never happen.’ It already has! And anyway they look more fed up than I do.’

This time last year:
‘I stayed home this morning, but went to school in the afternoon. I spent time with Mandy.
In the evening, while babysitting at Tracey’s, I saw my first blue movie. She got it in especially for me and it was called Seka’s Fantasies. It was amazing!’

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