The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 14 December 1985

Saturday with Miranda

‘Love Moves In Strange Ways’ – Blue Zoo

Went into town, where I met BMW and Phoebe. Phoebe gave me a card to give to Cheggers, a card for Jazz from Anna and a letter for Cheggers and me.

When BMW and Phoebe had gone, I bumped into Noreen and then Joey. We went round town, then Noreen and I caught the bus to Walton Highway and I went to George’s.

This evening, I worked on an Outside Bar for George, and earned a fiver.

I feel even more ill…


This time 4 years ago:
‘Watched Blake’s 7: Warlord

…It was good.’

This time 2 years ago:
‘I got Doctor Who Monthly 84.’

This time last year:
Gran Winterfood rang me and asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I asked her to order me the 2000AD Ro-Busters book. This evening, I helped out at the school Christmas Fayre, and bought the second ever Doctor Who Annual for five pence!

I had to dress up as a gorilla and ended up chasing some sexy 2nd Years around the place. It was an interesting evening. Owen Thomas is now going out with Rachel Baker. I had to kiss Chompers for her Kissing Competition. Beef ended up chatting up Sally Batterham. We all walked up to Walton Highway bus shelter and spent the rest of the evening chatting…’

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