The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 30 December 1985

My Top Albums 1985

‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ – The Beatles

Today we went to Peterborough, where I bought some singles and a few comix.

We took Paula home, at last! I really like her, but I end up having to ‘baby sit’ just like I did with Jack, when all I want is some space to myself.

MY TOP ALBUMS IN (not necessarily of) 1985 (in the order I fell in love with them):

1) Touch – Eurythmics
2) Welcome To The Pleasuredome – Frankie Goes To Hollywood
3) Who’s Afraid Of? – The Art Of Noise
4) The Singles Collection – Visage
5) Purple Rain – Prince And The Revolution
6) The Lexicon Of Love – ABC
7) Beauty Stab – ABC
8) Trans Europe Express – Kraftwerk
9) Arena – Duran Duran
10) A Secret Wish – Propaganda
11) Autobahn – Kraftwerk
12) The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle – Sex Pistols
13) Rebel Yell – Billy Idol
14) Strip – Adam Ant
15) The Hounds Of Love/The Ninth Wave – Kate Bush
16) How To Be A Zillionaire – ABC
17) Wishful Thinking - Propaganda


This time 6 years ago:
‘At Grandma Winterfood’s. I watched Doctor Who: The Horns Of Nimon (Part Two)…

…I think I was the only one who really enjoyed it.’

This time 4 years ago:
‘I got Marvel Tales 136.’

This time 2 years ago:

‘I bought the brilliant Mighty World of Marvel featuring The Daredevils issue 8, with another brilliant Captain Britain story in it by Alan Moore and Alan Davis called The Twisted World (Reprise), plus a fairly good Wolverine story by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller.’

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