The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 16 December 1985

Mock X-ams

‘Norwegian Wood’ – The Beatles

Today we had our Art Exam results. I got a ‘C’! Shit! A good enough grade for O-Level, but I actually wanted to do better! I expected better.

We were also put through the final stages of our R.E. O-Level (a lesson we all hate and never wanted to do in the first place). All 10 or so of us agreed to break all the exam rules and write stupid answers. We ended up humming carols, throwing pens, having whispered conversations – and getting into trouble! Jabba wrote about boomerangs, Jazz wrote about child molesters and I wrote about The Magic Roundabout! God! I hate R.E.! I like Miss Evans, though.


This time last year:
‘Nothing much today. Watched telly – you know, the usual Sunday bore.’

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