The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 26 December 1985

Boxing Day 1985

‘Magical Mystery Tour’ – The Beatles

This time last year:

‘I played on Jack’s new Colecovision video console (Ladybug, Time Pilot and Carnival) nearly all day.’

Well. I must say. Yes.

Well, that does sound rather exciting, doesn’t it, eh?


I agree!

Widgy! Spastic fool!

Today we had a salad.

Of what?

Turkey, of course!

Freddie’s sister, Lucille, came over for tea, and then took Queenie home. Paula, Freddie’s daughter, also came to stay. She and I played ‘Mike Read’s Pop Quiz’ game in my room and had a good laugh.


I also played my new records.

My No.1: ‘That Was Close’ – Art Of Noise

Hey, look! It’s Uncle Poohbag and the Pooh Nob Jobby Boys!


This time 7 years ago:
‘Stayed at my Grandma Winterfood’s in Castleford.’

This time 4 years ago:
‘At my Grandma Winterfood’s, I saw my Dad, Annie, Louise, Kev, and Grandma and Granddad Sugden. I got loads of presents, including a brilliant art set. My Dad drew me some ace pictures of Blake’s 7 characters, including a brilliant Avon.’

This time 4 years ago:
‘I played with my toys and tape-recorded the Doctor Who LP so I can listen to it on my personal stereo. It’s ace!’

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