The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 1 November 1985

What the Dickens?!

My No.1: ‘Temptation (Extended)’ – Heaven 17

At school, Bonner, Dave and I were called into Miss Flanaghan’s room because she had received a letter from the lady who lost her pension book! Luckily no one put two and two together and realised we’d been skiving. She also sent us a reward of what worked out at 66p each. How generous! But, whilst looking for Mrs Flanaghan, I opened a door and put my head and one foot into the staff room corridor (which no pupil is allowed to walk down) and was accused by Mr Monk of walking down it! Thing is, Mrs Flanaghan was there, in the corridor, and I was just calling after her, but he refused to listen and asked for a 200-word essay on why I should obey school rules! Well, I’m not going to do it. All that for 66p!

My Dad (Jon) has sent me a mix cassette called What The Dickens?!…

…which is a compilation of some really groovy stuff, including Wire and Dead Can Dance.

I’m really crazy for the Arcadia single, ‘Election Day’.

Tonight, I went to the Skating disco, which was almost empty. Dave and Stu came, for the first time.

OLD DIARY ENTRIES… [In November 1970, my parents finally got their own rented house on Western Avenue, Pontefract. However, after much strife and hassle, my Mum left my Dad – Ritcherd, 1990]

This time 11 years ago:

‘I got the second issue of Planet Of The Apes Weekly.’

This time 10 years ago:

‘I watched Doctor Who: Pyramids Of Mars (Part Two).’

[In November 1978, Mum and George (who had ended his own marriage) got a house on Chequerfield Road, Pontefract. When we all moved (and I was so relieved to get away from Aunty Vi’s), Cheryl Pickering (the girl I had previously lost my virginity to) babysat Jack and me for a while. She and I had sexual intercourse on innumerable occasions and I never grew tired of it. I was sad when she had to stop because she got a job elsewhere – Ritcherd, 1990]

This time 6 years ago:

‘I got Doctor Who Weekly issue 4

This time 5 years ago:

‘I watched Doctor Who: Full Circle (Part Two).’

This time 2 years ago:

‘I got Return of the Jedi Weekly 21.’

This time last year:

‘In today’s Drama lesson we were given a tour of Wisbech Angles Theatre. I really enjoyed it, and we’re going to be doing some work there…

…Tonight: I started work on my latest Fighting Force comic…
…This being issue 8 of what was previously known as Force Five – they’ve now been joined by The Bear)…

…and watched Morgan’s Boy, episode four…


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