The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 12 November 1985

Seven Years From Now: 12/11/92


My No.1: 'Waiting' - Madonna

A long journey to Flash’s in Olde Oxforde Towne. He met me at the station – and The Situation were back, back, back!

Tonite, I went to see him in a show/comedy play called Wah-Dooby-Doo!, which I’d actually had a hand in writing. God! It was adapted mostly from old Ritch and Flash Situation stuff from years ago. It featured stuff like Citizen Derrick (from 1987), The Curse Of Wankenstein (from 1988) and Sleep (from 1989). It was ace, if a little let down by a few naff performances. Funny to see people performing it in all its juvenile splendour, though. By and large, it was ace fun.

Well done, Flash, old matey. Good on yer, me old mucker! Well done! Well fucking done.

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