The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 29 November 1985

Parties, Problems and Pleasures...

‘Overture’ – ABC

Last night, I had a dream about BMW’s bloody party, in which the police raided us!

That’s all that ever rests on my mind: BMW and her fucking party! I even asked Sally Naylor and Melba Dench to gatecrash it, but they can’t!

Joey can’t go now – he’s due elsewhere – and everything’s muddled up. I asked Legs to go, and he said ‘yes’, but an hour later he said ‘no’! Spastic fool!

Jazz, Cheggers and Dave will be there, though. Good, I need them.

What’ll happen at the party? The boys who BMW ‘went’ with will be there. Will they laugh in my face? Will a fight ensue? My life is a twat!

I’ve been working some of this stuff into a new Situation tape called Situation: Desperately Hopeless. It was supposed to be about sitting back with me (on cassette one: Alone With Ritcherd For A Bit)...
...and looking at life, and then listening to The Situation’s best stuff from 1985 (on cassette two: Nearly The Best Of…). It’s all turning into a bit of a failed attempt.

I also carried on with my Art and Biology Mocks today. God! I bet I come bottom in Biology.

‘They Say It's Gonna Rain’ – Kerry Delius

Tonight, I went to Peterborough and bought La Femme Accident by OMD and West End Girls by the amahzing Pet Shop Boys (both on 7-inch).

Later, we went to Jimmy’s pub. I stayed in the car, drinking lager and listening to Propaganda’s Wishful Thinking album.

On reaching home, I scoffed a pizza, played my new records and came to bed!



This time 10 years ago:
‘I watched Doctor Who: The Android Invasion (Part Two).

This time 5 years ago:
‘I watched Doctor Who: State Of Decay (Part Two).

This time 2 years ago:
Birdy rang which was great. It was so good to hear from him – I’ve really missed having a friend like him. We chatted for a bit about Doctor Who: The Five Doctors

…which was brillus; and we agreed that it was the best one ever.’

This time last year:
‘Joey lent me his Spider-Man comics, which was good of him. Dave ate our dinner tickets, but fortunately we had no trouble getting a meal. Melba Dench’s mum always gives me extra big portions as well. We were visited by a bus-roving Christian Group called Christ For Kids. They were really great.

Letter passed in lesson between Ritcherd and Dave:

RITCHERD: Cooper, do you fancy Maxine?
DAVE: Who?
RITCHERD: The girl I asked you to run over to on Saturday.
DAVE: What?
RITCHERD: Well, she’s shortish, nice; I like her a lot and she always says hello to us in town.
DAVE: Help! I haven’t a clue.
RITCHERD: You lying bastard! Hey, Mandy bought me a Chaka Khan record the other day.

Tonight, I bought some comics: Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man 98 and (the crap) Marvel Team-Up 149…

… and the outstandingly brilliant Amazing Spider-Man 260.

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