The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 13 November 1985


‘In The Mood’ – Glenn Miller

Grandma and Granddad Pritchard’s Wedding Anniversary.

[Chuck and Liddy were married in St Giles’ Church, Pontefract on the 13th November 1947. They then lodged with Liddy’s parents on Rookhill Road, Chequerfield, Pontefract. Here they had two children; Keith was born on 17th May 1948 and Violet was born on 7th September 1949. The new Pritchard family was finally able to leave when they were given a council house on the 7th March 1952. Chuck was glad to leave and set up a new home on Chequerfield Road, where Elizabeth, my mother, was born on 6th July 1952 – Ritcherd, 1990]


This time 9 years ago:
‘I watched Doctor Who: The Deadly Assassin (Part Three).’

[Throughout 1976 and 1977, Doctor Who remained a prominent feature of my TV viewing. My memory is that I still really liked it – and became very obsessed with these Weetabix promotional cards

… but as time went on I think I enjoyed it a lot less (pretty much once Sarah Jane Smith had gone). I don’t think we were watching it much as a family any more and this may have had much to do with it. I was also into other TV shows like Planet Of The Apes, Fantastic Journey

Gemini Man

…(on the back of my love for David McCallum in The Invisible Man when we were at Rossington)…

The Six Million Dollar Man

…and Man From Atlantis

…those and the occasional Night Gallery episodes that my Mum let me stay up and watch…

…talk about scared to death… - Ritcherd, 1990]

This time 4 years ago:

‘Watched Doctor Who: The Krotons (Part Four)…

…I haven’t enjoyed the Patrick Troughton story as much as the William Hartnell one, but it was great to see Jamie and Zoe .’

This time last year:

‘Life is very depressing! I’ve been having trouble in my relationship with Mandy Dell. It held no thrill, and since the other Saturday there had been no kiss! At school today, she finished with me. I really liked her, so why did I feel I was being used? I don’t know why. There was no kiss, nothing! Strange how she’s suddenly going out with Dave. That’s loyal of him. He jumps on before I can even try to patch things up. Tomorrow, I will go it alone, face life in my own way. Sod them both! Our group for Games (Group Two) didn’t do Games, we just sat in a classroom like a load of lemons. ‘What do you mean like a load of lemons? We are a load of lemons!’ What’s else has been happening? Ronald Reagan has been re-elected in the USA. Goody! Morgan’s Boy, episode five was brill! It was great to see the hard character of Lee finally cry! Tenko was good this week, too. I also watched a crap film called The Night Rider (no, not the car series!). I rang my Gran and Granddad Winterfood. They asked me what I want for Christmas and I want a green WWI army battle dress jacket like my cousin Martin’s got. I need one!’

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