The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 27 November 1985

The 1985 Booty Bag

‘New Rose’ – The Damned

Pick ‘n’ Mix:
John Lennon & Yoko Ono, The Cure, The Dazz Band, OMD, The King’s Demons, Howard Jones, twats, Midge Ure, Birdy, Nik Kershaw, Stan Flowers, Chaka Khan, Pontefract castle, Icicle Works, Splash!, Public Image Ltd, Manda Jones, Red Dawn, V, King, Igor Smegdoss, Laser 558, Jabba, Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder, Daleks, Glenn Gregory & Claudia Brucken, The Stranglers, Duran Duran, Japan, Alison Moyet, and ‘Yellow Submarine’.

Hi, chiddies! I have been working on some Situation cassettes for a new project entitled The 1985 Booty Bag, which will feature a number of cassettes and booklets full of oddments and sodments (all in a specially illustrated carrier bag), plus:
Uncle Poohbag's Book Of Jolly Nice Things To Shit
Christmas cards
Fetherlite condoms
Some of it’s cacka, shite and grouse. But some of it is acker, fab, groovy and Jolly D! I wish I had a decent microphone, though.

Came across some of my old ‘novels’, too.

My favourite being a Star Wars book I wrote called Solo’s War, featuring a character called Woff-Bott!

I am also very into Dynasty.

‘Fly By Night’ – Paul Hardcastle

I am worried that my relationship with Beatrice Miranda Wasp is seriously on the rocks, and I’m annoyed with myself because it’s my fault. I’ve been so immature about the whole thing – like I’ve been in another world just lately – and I should have paid her more attention. As a result of my lethargy, she has let me know (with evident regret) that she ‘got off’ with two different boys (Wiggy and Reece). I don’t blame her, but I feel so sad about it and I feel sad that I’ve been unfaithful, too. I’m lucky to have such an attractive, intelligent, open and honest girlfriend. We've decided to stay together - on the condition that we'll both put more effort in, but it's all been wonderfully timed to coincide with her imminent party and I must admit that I really don't want - and won't be made - to look like a twat.

God! It’s time to shake off this image of the spotty freak with greasy hair. I’m fifteen, going on sixteen. I need to change who I am. I should be more sensitive, more artistic.

What is this sadness I feel inside me? Not just over BMW, but the past. All that stuff that happened to me as a kid – the sexual stuff with boys that I really didn’t want. And my family breaking up and falling apart so many times. I still don’t think I’m over what happened between Mum and George in May. I miss that life.

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