The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 6 October 1985

Situation: Buggered Orf!

Welcome to The Situation’s latest pile of crap!


If I were in a band, I’d call it All Songs Composed.

Below the heavens,
Under the moonlight,
Sunlight, starbright;
Across the water,
Across the sea:
The son and the daughter,
The You and the Me.

Bring me the music!
Bring me the stars!
Bring me love!
The hand in the glove:
Velvet on my fingers
Where love still lingers.
Oh, my true love.
My hand in your glove…

Take me higher now,
Or take me below.
Now the glove’s
On your hand,
This is your show.

Y’do loads!

Yes, the next few pages were written by Ritcherd Winterfood, when he was practising being a real wicker at Oxford

…so there!


Who the bugger knows? It’s just one of those dossy things written for that amazing bunch of dossers, Situation: Hopeless…

[Will Suzi and I ever be?
Oh, please let us…
The beautiful flames of her hair – they must devour me, and we must love…
See me in May 1988...
- love, Jez]


This time 6 years ago:
‘I watched Doctor Who: City Of Death (Part Two).

This time 2 years ago:‘A kid came up to me in the dinner queue. He was wearing a denim jacket and fingerless leather gloves. I thought he was going to start on me, but he didn’t. His name is Stan Flowers. His step-dad comes from Yorkshire. He’s all right, but I hate everybody round here. I got Return of the Jedi (issue 17)…

…and my UK Spider-Man comic, both of which I now order from Ray’s dirty Post Office over the road.’

This time last year:
‘Came back from Majorca, having had an amazing time.

Picked up Return of the Jedi Weekly 67 and 68…

…I’m not going to collect it any more. I don’t know why I still do. It’s become a habit, I suppose.’

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