The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 20 October 1985

Musical Compilation

‘Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da’ – The Beatles

Last night I dreamt I was at the Roller Skating Disco showing Danny Chegwin all my new paisley patterned clothes. I’m really into cool ‘60s style paisley ties, shirts and scarves. I think this is probably the influence of John Lennon and The Beatles who are slowly creeping into my life…

Once again, I unexpectedly returned to Danyel ‘Flash’ Gordon’s for the afternoon. We come up to Yorkshire so Mum can see Jack – and I usually spend Sunday with him. But this didn’t happen today. We drove all the way to Nostall, but Jack refused come out with us, because he was ‘sitting by and taking care of Nina (Paul’s girlfriend-wife thing) as she has just got out of hospital’. He could have phoned and told us! Little mawngy get. Yes, MAWNGY GET! Spelt: M-A-W-N-G-Y-G-E-T!

It was good down at Flash’s, though. We did some Situation stuff and re-mixed my remix cassette of Doctor Who: The Music Plus. We also recorded some old stories and some unused scripts, plus some ‘comedy’ songs over the top of some Beatles songs. For this we used his grandparents’ ghetto blaster (his grandparents live in the house with Flash and his parents – it is very, very big!).

We also formed The Billy Billy Arseburp Ballbag Party (led by ‘Billy’ and The Three Bears!) and recorded special messages for Jabba, Jazz, Cheggers and Stan. We’re now calling this tape Musical Compilation. It is a very crisp and clear set of recordings, too.

Flash and I are very firm best friends now, I think. It was a really funny and relaxed afternoon in the attic and we got along so well. I haven’t laughed so much for ages. It was also nice to see the cats, Karma, Zenith and Domino again. And it was really good of his mum to cook us lunch.

Then I came home. Again!

I still don’t think I ‘get’ what Flash loves about Japan, but I’ve dug my singles out and I’m re-evaluating them.

This time 11 years ago:‘Watched Planet of the Apes: The Gladiators.

This time 6 years ago:‘I watched Doctor Who: City Of Death (Part Four).

This time last year:‘I got 2000AD 389, which was brilliant.’

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