The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 19 October 1985

Doctor Who and the Man From Del Monte

‘La Femme Accident’ – OMD


Last night I dreamt of my Mum running across a bright green grassy hill, clad merely in a loose pink towel! Discuss.

Today, we came up to Yorkshire. We spent the afternoon in Leeds, where I went to Skyrack and purchased a few comix: Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man 109, Marvel Tales 182

Fantastic Four 285 and Uncanny X-Men 201

…and then on to Pontefract.

I went to Gordon’s (or rather ‘Flash’s’) house. In his dusty attic (painted by Flash and his live-in Grandma), we completed our cassette version of Doctor Who And The Man From Del Monte (featuring Ritcherd Gets Beaten Up). Hurrah for Captain Fuck!

We also started a cassette of the solo adventures of Perpugilliam Brown (or rather, Peravlova Brownikoff, according to our cassette). This is called Peri And Company: A Man’s Best Friend (A Tale Of Simple Country Folk). It’s really groovy and mellow.

Flash says he’s trying to give up swearing and acting immature.

And the three bears!
(an expression of sarcasm, often uttered by Jazz Thompson)
I wonder if Gallifrey will be destroyed in the next season of Doctor Who?

Honga-honga! Ning!


This time 6 years ago:
‘Came home from school and sat with George on the sofa. He chatted to me about how things are going at school and with my Mum and he was really nice. He also pulled out a comic from behind a sofa cushion for me: Doctor Who Weekly no.2


[I liked George; he was good to us, and took an interest in us. I could talk to him about Doctor Who and Star Wars and music and girls, and he always listened and remembered and cared – Ritcherd, 1990]
This time 4 years ago:‘Watched Blake’s 7: Stardrive


This time 2 years ago:‘I got Return of the Jedi Weekly issue 19.’

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