The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 23 October 1985

Astra Trellis

‘I Second that Emotion’ – Japan



Tonight is The Party Of Cheggers.

Stan, Cheggers and I visited Tia Purdey and told her all about the Ouija we did last night.

Oh! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, Flash Gordon! Happy Birthday to yooou! (and the Bears!)
The Party Of Cheggers was good (at Tilney village hall) . I didn’t get off with anyone – so what?

I did, however, make a new friend in Astra Trellis.
I’ve known of her for years, but we’ve never really spoken, and recently she’s been doing interesting things with her image. She’s kind of ‘alternative’ with backcombed hair and quite artistic – but also very shy, I think. Just lately I’ve found myself noticing her around school more and I’ve become intrigued by her. I like her sense of individuality and freedom of expression. She’s broken free of the norm. I wish I could be as brave as that. Anyway, I was pissed as hell and told Dave to ask her out for me. She said, ‘no!’ As the night developed, Beef (an obnoxious and very, very big scooter lad) tried to chat her up and it was clear that she wasn’t interested, but he carried on hassling her. She looked quite uncomfortable and a bit intimidated, so I stepped in and told him to piss off. He was big enough to kick me around the room, but I felt Astra (cool name!) deserved to have someone stand up for her and was willing to take him on. But off he went, not a word. Astra and I chatted for quite a bit – about music, mostly, and David Sylvian especially. She told me she was grateful to me for getting rid of Beef. We got on really well and I think we’re going to be friends. I like her pale, angular face and her sense of humour. She’s a very sensitive and articulate individual and a bit of an inspiration, to be honest.

Later, I got even more pissed and managed to punch my fist through a door. I am a twat.

Good party, though, and Cheggers’ trousers are covered in muddy water stains. Strange.

This time 9 years ago:‘I watched Doctor Who: The Hand Of Fear (Part Four).

This time last year:
‘Still up in Pontefract. I went to see old school friends Birdy and Arundel. It was good to see them both. Birdy used to be my best mate and I used to sit next to Arundel in Environmental Science (one of my best subjects at Carleton; when the teacher got my exam results he said, ‘What are you doing in Form 24? You should be in 21 or 22’). I remember Arundel calling the Doctor Who story EnlightenmentEnlightentment’ which I loved. Arundel’s collected over a hundred British Spider-Man comics. He gave me them all today. I was amazed.’

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