The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 11 September 1985

Loving BMW

RITCHERD (young of the) Winterfood(s) age 15 and 3 months

Me, with short spiky hair, a cheeky smirk, shades, coral necklace and sleeveless white t-shirt with blue splash patterns…

Three strange abstract, cubist men with vast grabbing arms…

‘I Believe’ – Tears For Fears

Again: school, just to bore the willies off me! Thank God this week seems to have flown by – so far! Soon I’ll be out in the world of big men – Gulp!

Well, so far, Roger Limb and I are the two kids in the school with the most O-levels. At the moment. One each, for English Language. Mocks for everything else in December! Gach!

Jazz Thompson seems to like the Doctor Who Documentary Flash and I made – GOOD!

Drama wasn’t bad today – but the fascists came in search of tie-less pupils and caught me!

Mum and Freddie went out tonight. I stayed in and rang BMW – at last! Sadly, she had to dash off because she’s fallen out with her mum. She’s asked me to ring back at about 8-ish, so I shall.

I listened to my Return Of The Jedi soundtrack LP for the first time in – what? – a year and a half?

Very soothing. Brings back memories. I also made a remix of ‘Open Your Heart’ by The Human League, which brought back memories of living in The Bell in Pontefract.

I’m still reading Battle For The Planet Of The Apes. It has some interesting things about the idea of an after-life. If heaven’s so good, why don’t we all commit suicide? And if heaven is what it’s all about, then what’s the point of this life? Why bother with it at all? The main question it seems to ask is: Why don’t we just live this life for its own sake, and enjoy it to the full?


‘European Female’ – The Stranglers

I’ve just rung BMW / Miranda, the love of my life (Hah! Where’ve we heard that shit before? Mandy Dell? Jayne? Kirsty?). She starts back at school tomorrow – lucky! I’ve been back for what feels like yonks! We talked for ages and I really enjoyed it. I do love her.


This time 9 years ago:
‘I watched Doctor Who: The Masque Of Mandragora (Part Two).

This time 5 years ago:
‘I got Empire Strikes Back Weekly 134.’

This time 2 years ago:
The Winds of War started on TV today…

…It’s ace!’

This time last year:
‘I’m really into two TV series – Lenny Henry and The Invisible Man.’

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