The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 21 September 1985

The Hounds of Love

Listening to Dead Or Alive.

We all came to Pontefract, so Mum could spend the day with Jack. I visited Danyel ‘Flash’ Gordon. I tape-recorded his new Kate Bush LP: The Hounds Of Love / The Ninth Wave.

It’s great! I especially like ‘Waking The Witch’, ‘Cloudbusting’ and ‘The Big Sky'.

Flash’s also made a great recording / song, using taped samples of Malcolm McLaren records, called ‘Fuck Off, Flash Gordon’ – of which I taped various versions. Snazzy, jazzy, tazzy and spazzy!

Good old, Flash. See you in two weeks, old chap!


This time 2 years ago:
‘I got Return of the Jedi Weekly 15.’

This time last year:
‘Daphne and Giles have come down from Yorkshire to stay. They’ll be managing the pub while we go to Majorca. Trouble is, Jack’s very sick now, isn’t he?’

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