The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 22 September 1985

Doctor Who Exhibition, Blackpool (and the Return of the Giant Prawn)

Listening to Opposition.

Up bright and late today.

Mum, Freddie and I picked Jack up from Nostall (in Wakefield) and went to Blackpool for the afternoon, which wasn’t bad.

I went in the Doctor Who exhibition (for the first time in seven years or so).

I enjoyed it in there, but I know that whenever I come to look back on this visit, my memories won’t be as fond as my memories of visiting in the ‘70s.

Who, amongst those that went in that heyday, could ever forget ‘the Giant Prawn’?

Oh well. Tussaud's was good, though. The Chamber of Horrors was still there – the cause of much fear when I was a child. That Anatomy Exhibition is still there, too. Frankly, though (then as now), the Anatomy Exhibition was always more frightening than Frankenstein and assorted murderers. I mean, crikey: who wants to see a pregnant woman with her stomach splayed open? Or besyphillised genitals? Hm. Me, I guess.

Tonight, we took Jack home and picked up my cousin Martin, who is to stay at our house over the next two weeks.


This time 2 years ago:
‘Louise (my aunty, aged 20) and Kev are getting married on Saturday and I’m going!

Louise and Kevin
are to be married on
24th September 1983
and would be pleased if you would be present
The ceremony will take place in
Trinity Methodist Church, Castleford
at 12.00 Noon
and the reception afterwards at
The Wilton Ballroom, Whitwood
from Mr + Mrs E. S. Winterfood
Queens Park Drive
Airedale, Castleford

I can’t wait. It’ll be great. But I think it might also be the last time I see the Winterfood clan before we leave Yorkshire.’

This time last year:
‘The plane was delayed, but the flight was great. I’ve been listening to the tape my Dad sent me (Frankie, Billy Idol, Dead or Alive, Propaganda, Wang Chung and Blue Zoo).’

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