The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 17 March 1985

Nine Years From Now: 17/03/94


'Tonight, Lilith and I went to see Who Is Jon Pertwee, the Jon Pertwee talk/show thing at St AlbansMaltings Arts Theatre.

I think I originally wanted to go because he was one of the Doctors Who, but after seeing him, I am just overwhelmed at how much I now really like him as a man. What an excellent bloke and what an excellent life!

Good to hear him say ‘frigging’ at least four times, nice to hear how he smacked a cane into the face of a school bully, giving him 14 stitches, and also to hear him say of the Daleks: ‘Go up a flight of stairs and you’ve got ‘em screwed!’ He said a few sad words about Tom Baker’s distancing himself from the other Doctor actors, too.

I’d like also to note that Jeremy Bentham (who Flash and I met in 1990) was in attendance. I note this because he gave me so much pleasure as a child when I read his features in Doctor Who Weekly.

Lili and I had a splendid evening.


I wish I had my videos…'

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