The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 29 March 1985

Horror from the Script

‘The Man Who Dies Every Day’ – Ultravox!

Last day at school. We generally messed about.

Afterwards, I went to Jabba's, where he and I tried to write a radio play script called Horror from the Script – featuring the further adventures of Obadias Pittlesworth, Blodwen Codswallop, Uncle Creepy, Igor and Aunt Lizzie. We failed.


This time 10 years ago:
‘I watched Doctor Who: Genesis Of The Daleks (Part Four).

This time 3 years ago:
‘I watched Doctor Who: Time-Flight (Part Three).

This time last year:
‘I watched Doctor Who: The Twin Dilemma (Part Three).

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